TraDigitalArt: an up to date Positive Art Gathering Place for Joyful People

Abstract artwork recalling positive thoughts sensation with circles, curls, concentric forms and shapes of nature in blue, violet, red, green, white and black tones


At TraDigitalArt we are building an up to date art place dedicated to all kinds of positive art forms, ranging from downloadable art expressions such as tradigital, pure digital and new-mixed media arts and art photographs, to all tangible traditional art expressions emphasizing contents that privilege positive feelings and emotions. For tradigital artworks we intend digitally manipulated images which have traditional art as the starting point or simply the digital elaboration of traditional art.  In particular, tradigital art is a type of digital art where traditional paintings, photographs, or any other kind of traditional art,  is elaborated and transformed into digital art through a process of manipulation. Therefore on TDA we cover all positive art expressions, from traditional to digital, being tradigital art the link between the first two. We want to create new digital technology solutions, applications and products, to offer revolutionary art and cultural products, contents and services.


Our aim  is to create a positive gathering place for people, where artists and creative persons can develop and express the beauty, playfulness, joy and spiritual side they keep within, and share it with others through their already made artworks and through the possibility to create here new and innovative art contents. TraDigitalArt wants to be the gathering place for artists that share the same objective to inspire others with their art, generating happiness and positivity for a spiritual growth, as all that’s positive is true and comes from the Truth, and what isn’t positive has roots in lies and illusions.


Our purpose is to offer, to popular and emerging artists, the chance to propose their art pieces in a different way, and to outline their mission in a positive art environment. We want to give to all creative people and art creators the opportunity to put their art potential to good use, and hopefully to emerge and to make a living out of it. Through art, we want to send positive messages to all people in order to awaken their inner beauty and spiritual side, not to forget who we really are. We aim to offer, to art investors and collectors, quality and original art pieces created by independent artists who wish to share with others the inspired positive feelings they guard within, so to induce inspiration for beauty, love, joy, and positivity in general.


We emphasize contents that privilege positive feelings and emotions such as: happiness, hope, affection, relief, love, laughter, joy, inspiration, peace, spirituality, serenity, elevation, altruism, amusement, surprise, confidence, optimism, motivation, mysticism, spiritual enlightment, friendship, etc.


We intend “artgiving” as the act of proposing and suggesting artworks and art in general, by artists and art creators who made the artworks. The act of artgiving is closely related to the positive emotions and messages that the artworks convey, and that the artists and art creators wish to share and donate to artinvestors, investors and collectors, people in general. 


We think  that artists, creative persons and art creators are “artgivers”, wishing to donate to others some of their inner beauty through their art pieces.  An artgiver shares positive feelings and contents,  portrayed by the artworks that he/she made,  with other people and with those who will invest in his/her art.


All the artworks that we propose are vehicles for positive emotions and sensations. The  aim of our art pieces is to make such feelings rise.  “Artwatching” is intended as the act of watching an inspiring piece of art, which encourages the identification of a person’s feelings with the positivity of the message it conveys.  Artwatching becomes, this way, a source of well-being. At TDA we give investors, collectors, and all art viewers in general, the possibility to buy original, innovative and revolutionary up to date quality art production,  to make a profitable investment out of them, to keep for his/her own inner well-being through artwatching, or just  to enjoy browsing through the TDA art pieces and benefit from them.


All art pieces we propose on TDA are created with the best intentions by selected artgivers from around the world.  Each artwork suggests and highlights encouraging and beneficial contents, intended to focus the watcher’s attention on the positive side present in each thing, person and life in general, as the truth lies in all that’s positive!


At TraDigitalArt we wish to create a place where to gather good feelings and emotions through art.  By suggesting a selection of positive artworks, we work towards the spreading of the beneficial effect of positive art and positivity in general.

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