abstract concentric nature creation in tones of pink,blue,green,orange,black and white with curls and shapes of nature

Invest in Traditional Paintings with Bitcoins

We of Tradigital Art want to exceptionally propose you some beautiful traditional art, created with different techniques and materials, by artist Barbara Stamegna.  You can get hold of everlasting paintings and make a double investment buying it with cryptocurrency.

Barbara Stamegna is an internationally acknowledged Italian artist, born in Rome, that shows a strong inclination for art since childhood, especially for drawing. Her successful art career is marked by awards and appointments in Italy and abroad for the highly professional results and expertise obtained in the art world with her paintings.

The continuous experimentation and research for powerful and yet natural and gentle means of expressions, led her to work on different art projects like: Abstract Paintings, Conceptual Symbolic Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Pieces Painting Project (PPP), Miniaturart (or miniature paintings), Painting Based Digital Art (PBDA), Photography Painting Art (PP Art) and Oil Pastels Collection.

Her powerful creativity recently found expression in new projects of digital art and applied art, using different techniques and mediums that she carries out in parallel with traditional art.

Barbara Stamegna’s art depicts abstract  and symbolic figures, celestial beings and religious archetypes, elements of nature, shapes and forms with strong color contrasts and shades, expressing the innate need of humankind for beauty, pureness, joy, happiness and Truth, as well as the desire and research of spiritual elevation to reach the immaterial and the Essence of everything.  Barbara Stamegna’s artworks are permeated by truly deep mysticism and they draw the viewer’s attention to issues of universal value.

Her paintings are exhibited at the Municipality of Cranston (Rhode Island – USA) and in private collections in Los Angeles (California – U.S.A.), as well as in the National Museum Gli Etruschi of Livorno (Italy) and in Italian private collections.

Invest in traditional art with bitcoins

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