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Dear artgivers, welcome to TraDigitalArt!​ Before you apply for art submission, we invite you to read carefully our Artgivers Submissions Guidelines and our mission-statement page and, if our mission is also your mission, please keep on reading, as we must make a selection according to that, before accepting new artists.

Your registration on TraDigitalArt is free, and you can upload and propose an unlimited number of traditional and/or digital works of art, all for free. 

If you are a digital artist and want to open a vendor account to sell Prints and the use of your Digital Art or your Photography Art with a Rights Rights Managed Licence of use, you can apply for the Regular Plan or for the Hassle-free Plan!

With the Hassle-free Digital Plan, you don’t have to worry about downloading a File Transfer Protocol system, about uploading your digital artworks or art photographs, about editing them and about all that concerns the uploading, editing and optimization of your digital artworks.  We will take care of all that! Therefore if you choose the Hassle Free Digital Plan, please do not upload your artworks or art photographs from your dashboard account!!! After your account has been approved, all you have to do is to send us your digital artworks or art photographs (that must all have a title) and their description. You can use your Drive to share your artworks/art photographs with us, your email, or any way you prefer, and send them to our email address: Please note that you can take advantage of our Hassle Free Digital Plan only if you send a minimum of 70 images to upload!

If you choose the Regular Digital Plan, you must take care by yourself of the uploading and editing of your artworks or art photographs, and we will take care of their optimization on your behalf.

ATTENTION: Please note that the uploading of your digital art and photography art can be done only via FTP, and cannot be done through your dashboard “Media” or “Add Other Product” section, which is dedicated for traditional art (please see the blue colours indications in the screenshot below), as our licensing system and the FTP depend on one another.  Therefore if you upload through the Media or Add Other Product section, our processor won’t include your artworks/photographs in our licensing system, and they won’t be visible nor published, and the prices won’t be assigned by default.

After publication via FTP, please use your All Product section (indicated by the red colours below) to edit your published digital artworks/art photographs.

Both the Regular Digital Plan and the Hassle-free Digital Plan are plans free of charge.  We only take a 40% commission from the sold pieces if you choose the TDA Regular Digital Plan. We take a 50% commission from the pieces you sell if you choose the TDA Hassle-free Digital Plan, where we of TraDigitalArt take care of the uploading, editing and optimization of your artworks/art photographs on you behalf.

If you are a traditional artist and want to open a TDA vendor account to sell your traditional art, you can apply for the Traditional Plan

With the Traditional Plan you can upload, exhibit and sell your paintings, sculptures, decorations, drawings, ceramics, lacework, art craft, art furniture and all other kind of tangible art that conveys beneficial messages. The TDA Traditional Plan is also a plan  free of charge, and you can upload an unlimited number of artworks, all for free!  TraDigitalArt  keeps only a 20% commission on sold artworks, and you (artist) will take care of their packaging and shipping, and of payment of all taxes due on your territory.

Please note that all traditional tangible artworks must be uploaded following the instructions given in the dedicated tutorial, from the Add Other Product section (indicated by the yellow arrows in the following screenshot) of your dashboard:

If you want to open a TDA vendor account to sell both your digital and traditional art, you can apply for the Traditional Plan and one of the digital art plans (Regular or Hassle-free) at the same time. 

If you wish to write posts you can open a Writer Account!

If you wish to write posts and have them published on TDA, to edit your own profile post or just share your thoughts, art experience, feelings and all that may contribute to create a positive world, you can apply for the Writer Account, which is also free of charge. To open a Writer account you must register separately.  You cannot ask for the opening of a Writer Account and a Vendor account at the same time while registering. Therefore, if you want to open a Vendor Account and a Writer Account, you must register twice with different email addresses. If you already have a vendor account, you must register again for the writer account with a different email address.

TraDigitalArt takes care for free of the optimization of all your artworks whether you choose the Regular Digital Plan, the Hassle-free Digital Plan, or the Traditional Plan, in order: to offer you the best results in terms of visibility on Google search; to ease and lessen the artworks uploading procedures for you; to make the process more efficient and successful for all!!!

TraDigitalArt applies a free registration policy, so that all our plans are free of charge.

We are artists and we work for you, artists and creative persons, in order to create new opportunities that go beyond the traditional selling of artworks.

We work with a particular focus to increase and offer the visibility of your art production on internet, in order to provide, create and develop for you and your pieces of art, new commercial outlets.

On TraDigitalArt we offer you a visibility both in our homepage slideshow, and with our category and tags, all for free.  In fact, every new uploaded artwork will be displayed on our general TraDigital Artgiving Suggestions home page in a chronological order, and therefore every new uploaded artwork will have in turn a top position in our homepage.  Moreover, every new uploaded artwork will have in turn a top position in the categories and tags you selected to describe your artworks.

TraDigitalArt uses the most efficient, advanced and secure type of platform and payment systems.

We also envisage purchases with cryptocurrency.  Therefore, if you have a wallet you can accept cryptocurrency. If not, it will be automatically converted into euros or dollars at the current rate of exchange.

Please  note that  TraDigitalArt will close any existing accounts if, after 30 days from their activation, no content has been uploaded, and that TraDigitalArt reserves the right to accept or deny submissions or contents, for any reason deemed appropriate,  in its sole discretion  and according to the TraDigitalArt Terms of Use, and to the Contributors Terms of Service.

Best wishes!

Barbara Stamegna & TraDigitalArt Team



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