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We work in the art and technology industry to create new digital technology solutions, applications and products, to offer revolutionary art and cultural products, contents and services.

According to our mission, we want to create a positive space where artists and creative people can develop and express their inner beauty and spiritual side, through their already made artworks and through the possibility to create on this platform new and innovative art contents.  We aim to emphasize contents that privilege positive feelings and emotions such as: happiness, hope, affection, relief, love, laughter, joy, inspiration, peace, spirituality, serenity, elevation, altruism, amusement, surprise, confidence, optimism, motivation, friendship, etc. That is why our artists are selected according to the message portrayed and conveyed by their artworks.


Reflections on the water of clouds and hills in a forest with trees in the foreground and in the background reflections of clouds,sky and hills

Frequently Asked Questions

On TraDigitalArt you can find traditional, digital and tradigital art. On TDA you can buy: original art; open, limited and single edition prints; you can download rights managed image licenses.

Our images can be used in several contexts, and they are suitable for:  social media post; profile images; e-books; blogs; invitations; advertising and promotional projects; school or university projects; prints, posters for personal or promotional purposes, resale, license or other distribution; entertainment applications, such as books and book covers, magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, and video; broadcast and theatrical presentations, and much more, according to the permitted uses of our types of licensing.

The difference is that images and art creations you find on Tradigital Art, are true artworks and not only images. All our art images and creations are made by independent artists and they are the result of a human effort and act of creativity.  Therefore they are all original and, according to our mission, they all convey a positive message.

At Tradigital Art, you can find artworks and art images created through: the digital elaboration of photographs; the digital elaboration of traditional art (painting, sculpture,  decoration, drawings, ceramics, …); the digital elaboration of all visual means  (newspapers, displays, posters, signs, banners,…) and visible things; digital technologies (pure digital images done completely on computers).

Why Choose

TraDigitalArt promotes and encourages positive feelings, thoughts and emotions, and fosters their spread among people through positive art.  TDA is the gathering place for artists that share the same objective to inspire others with their art, by expressing the beauty, playfulness, joy and spiritual side they keep within, and sharing it with others, thus generating happiness and positivity for a human spiritual growth. We at TDA do this because we know that all that’s positive is true and comes from the Truth, and what isn’t positive has roots in lies and illusions.

savage flower meadow abstraction: irregular shapes lines bright colors with shades

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